In our fourth generation of owning and managing property in Seattle, we have focused on developing a deep local knowledge base and strong connections with the community. We strive to elevate our professionalism through innovative solutions and investing in our team members, relationships and the spaces we create. Our people-centric focus fosters a dynamic place to work and encourages a collaborative dynamic for the occupants, owners, and custodians of buildings. Property management can be an enduring partnership; come on the journey with us.

Please contact us if you would like to see how we can put our resources to work for you.


Preston Apts

"This has been one of the best apartment move-in experiences I've had. It's been so easy, friendly, and welcoming. Thank you!"

2237 Apts

"The property manager was professional and a pleasure to work with. The move in process was extremely simple and he was available and responsive to call/text. We look forward to living in this community."

Pickering Place

"Wonderful experiences so far with Walls Property Mgmt."

Minor Tower

"Your team is super speedy. Super nice and sorted out several matters perfectly."

Oswego Arms

"The Maintenance Team is awesome, professional. Great communication & support. Thank you!"

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